Caroline-with-booksCaroline Dunmore is course director on the Westminster Tour Guiding course at the University of Westminster. You can read what her students say about the course by going to the Comments page.

Caroline absolutely loves teaching and she was born to teach the WTG course! It is a one-year evening class at the University of Westminster leading to membership of the City of Westminster Guide-Lecturers Association.

Caroline has designed the WTG course to be a sophisticated interweaving of knowledge acquisition and skills development. It caters for both absolute beginners and people who already have experience of guiding. Students acquire a huge amount of knowledge about the geography and history of Westminster, and about the individuals and events that have shaped it. Moreover they develop public-speaking skills and the skills relating to research, interpretation and logistics that are particular to the challenging role of the tour guide. Caroline uses her expertise as a trainer and educator and her specialist knowledge of positive psychology to support her students in developing their skills and enhancing their confidence. Caroline’s intention on the WTG course, as in all her teaching work, is to help her students flourish!

In December 2013 Caroline received a teaching award for the course from the Association for Tourism in Higher Education.

To find out more about the Westminster Tour Guiding course:

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