Read about the guiding activities of some of Caroline’s students

Black Cab Heritage Tours — Rob Woodford (Class of 2011-12) runs this cab-based guiding company. Mick Greenwood (also Class of 2011-12) is another of the guides. Visit the website at

Broadwalks — Jess Osborne (Class of 2011-12) leads walks on the topic of women in Westminster. Visit her website at

Cemetery Club — Sheldon Goodman (Class of 2013-14) co-authors a popular blog on cemeteries and is also an illustrator. Visit his blog at

Charles Booth Walks — Sean Patterson (Class of 2013-14) specialises in walks examining socio-economics, using Charles Booth’s poverty maps as well as diverse read material. He also uses literary walks with readings to examine the history of London. Sean has been rated in the top ten by The Guardian and is a member of Footprints of London. Visit Sean’s website at

Discover Medical London — Caroline has put together a team of her former students to lead guided walks for her client, the Royal College of Physicians. They are Berwyn Kinsey, Steve Pratt, Richard Watkins and Rob Woodford (all Class of 2011-12). Visit their website at

Fun London Tours — Matt Gedge (Class of 2012-13) specialises in fun tours, including an exciting look at the Changing of the Guard. Visit his website at

Living London Tours — Janice Liverseidge (Class of 2012-13) is a Blue Badge Guide. Visit her website at

Marylebone Walks — Susie Fairfax Davies (Class of 2013-14) is a Marylebone resident and specialises in walks around there and the surrounding areas. Visit her website at

A Rather Good Tour Guide — Russell Nash (Class of 2011-12) is quite a chap, with a rather jaunty style! Visit his website at

Trails of the City — Steve Pratt and Richard Watkins (both Class of 2011-12) lead walks that explore the “less travelled” Westminster. Visit their website at

Westminster Guides — Visit the website of the City of Westminster Guide-Lecturers Association at